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About Me


I started painting horses seriously about the time I starting working with a trainer and showing horses when I moved to Arizona. I fell madly in love with horses at about age two; I was one of those horse crazy girls and dreamed of nothing else.

I’ve found the process of learning to ride to be incredibly challenging and an often humbling experience but also one of most thrilling experiences. There is nothing like riding a horse running full speed chasing a cow. I’ve discovered that most problems I’ve encountered have little to do with the horse but rather myself. Horses can teach us some amazing and profound lessons in life. The paintings honor the partnership we have with the horse. The work is about being grounded on this earth and present in the moment. Like horses, the paintings are direct, not complicated, but full of sensation. Horses have made me a better person, and when I’m around them I feel whole.

I begin by photographing or taking video of the horse. I look for an interesting expression in the eyes or a particular look I find inspiring. I manipulate the photo on the computer, play with color and light. I often add an entirely different background to the photo to give it more of an atmosphere and create a feeling. I first paint the canvas in black and white in order to find that dynamic interplay of light and dark. Next is where the real fun begins when I add in color, details and bring the paintings to life. I prefer to paint using oils because of the vibrancy of the color and blending ability of oil paints.


Jenifer Bacon grew up in Laguna Beach, California, which was once a small, funky, arty beach town. She lived in a house located high on cliffs overlooking the ocean with stunning views of the land and sea. There she loved to dream as she watched the hawks and ravens fly, but even in this lovely setting she would have traded anyone to live on a ranch riding horses all day and being a cowgirl.

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Studio Art, she traveled throughout Europe. After some false starts with film school and a short time working in Hollywood she pursued a career in digital graphics. Jenifer was part of the early days of the Internet, worked in games and numerous technology start-ups. However, since 2010 she has been painting seriously. Jenifer’s lifelong inspirations of horses, big skies, birds in flight, and the feeling of floating high above the earth have been integrated into her current work.

She lives in Longmont, Colorado with a dog, two cats, and two horses. She is currently working on her newest series of birds and horses.



2015 Art of the Horse, Lakewood Cultural Center,Lakewood, CO

2016 All Colorado Shot, Depot Art Gallery, Littleton, CO

2016 Mead Veterinary Clinic, Mead CO

2017 Longmont Artist Registry, Burlington Medical Center, Longmont CO


Western Stars, Lyons CO